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Do you believe you don't have enough time or money to travel? Well neither did I, until I figured out a way to make it happen!
Traveling By Motorcycle, Achieving Your Motorcycle Touring Dreams While Still Holding Down a Full-Time Job
Traveling by Motorcycle by Craig Ripley
Achieving Your Motorcycle Touring Dreams While Still Holding Down a Full-Time Job

As motorcyclists, we know that covering ground on two wheels is liberating and magical. The sensations are greater, the smells more intense and the landscape is so close it seems to reach out and embrace you in its majesty and wonder. Yes, it can be uncomfortable, difficult, and even dangerous, but that just adds to the adventure, helping to broaden your horizons and expand your personal limitations.

If you are retired or happen to be independently wealthy, then finding the time to travel is much easier. However, if like me you still get up every day and punch the proverbial clock, planning and executing epic motorcycle trips is a bit more of a challenge. Not only do we have to deal with vacation-time limitations and the challenge of saving money, we must factor our families into the equation. We cannot just take off and leave our spouses or children behind. To successfully follow our touring dreams, our loved ones must be fully onboard, at least If you want to maintain those relationships.

So how do you do it? How do you find a way to hold down a full-time job, support your family and still find time to pursue your dreams? Well…that is what this book is about.


  • There is still so much to be done
  • Why Write a Book for the WORKING man and women?
  • Start Off Slowly
  • Finding the Time to Travel
  • Saving Money
  • Get the Right Tool for the Job
  • Planning Your Trip
  • Creating a Budget
  • Packing for Your Adventure
  • Staying healthy while Traveling
  • Take the Right Gear
  • Take Another Road